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steam rolling asphaltPaving

Stallard & Sons Asphalt Paving is outfitted to pave and seal residential driveways, commercial parking lots, and private roads.  Our paving crew works with owner Dave Stallard to operate our 8500 LeeBoy paver and 400 LeeBoy roller to ensure your job is performed in the most professional and affordable way possible.  Additionally, we ensure the foundational work is done too.  Your professional asphalt paving job begins with the groundwork.  Stallard & Sons Asphalt Paving has the ability to prepare your worksite with grading, digging-out, milling, and removal.  Contact us today for your free estimate.


Stallard & Sons Asphalt Paving is equipped to meet all of your striping needs.  With our complete striping program we assure professional layouts and stripes.  We offer you clean-cut straight-lines in a variety of colors, as well as parking signage.  


Stallard & Sons Asphalt Paving is ready to meet your sealcoating needs, whether it's your residential driveway or your commercial parking lot.  Sealcoating not only protects your asphalt investment but gives your asphalt a look of "newness" again.  The sun, as well as petroleum products such as oil and gasoline will wear on your asphalt.  Sealcoating will protect your asphalt from these as well as "seal" your asphalt from rain and snow.  Additionally, silica sand is mixed in with the sealer for an extra long lasting sealcoat. Sealcoating is crucial to not only prolong the life of your asphalt, but to protect your investment in asphalt paving and save you money. 

Crack Filling

Stallard & Sons Asphalt Paving is prepared to repair your asphalt cracks.  Crack filling is necessary to strengthen and extend the life your asphalt paving job.  Asphalt cracks happen because normal wear and tear, as well as weather conditions like the hot sun and cold snow.  Cracks allow water, oil, dirt, and plants to grow and break up the asphalt.  Consequently, Stallard & Sons Asphalt Paving clears all the cracks of moisture, oil, dirt, and plant growth before bonding the crack together by applying a hot 3405 polymeric compound.  Crack filling slows down the expansion of asphalt cracks, thus extending the life of your asphalt paving job. 

Milling Asphalt services

Milling & Recycling

Stallard & Sons Asphalt Paving knows that sometimes it is necessary to completely remove an aged asphalt job, whether it is a driveway, parking lot, or private road.  Asphalt milling is simply grinding up asphalt in a manner that the asphalt can be recycled. 


Stallard & Sons Asphalt Paving is ready to repair the smallest to the biggest patch needed.  Often times, parking lots or private roads will crack and asphalt will break away, causing potholes.  Instead of replacing the entire driveway or road a small simple patch can be made, using a less amount of asphalt.  

asphalt preparation project

Worksite Preparation

Stallard & Sons Asphalt Paving is equipped to handle all worksite situations including excavation, grading, removal, and clean up.  We have all of our own backhoe, loaders, dozers, sweepers, blowers, and graders, along with several others.  Therefore, Stallard & Sons Asphalt Paving is ready to prepare your asphalt paving job without all the subcontractors, saving you money.  

Contact us today for your asphalt repair needs.

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